This item is genuinely and completely contributed by our 10+ long stretches of involvement with the business. We’re adding and further developing it consistently for 3+ years, done 200+ deliveries, 1000+ elements. Without a doubt it won’t ever cost $19 $29 or $39, this item is for the individuals who are not kidding and truly need to develop their business. You will observe yourself a deal when you purchase Ultimate POS.

What you’ll get

Multiple Business/Shops

Set up multiple businesses in the application. No restriction on numbers of businesses.

Add Location Storefronts

Create multiple locations for your business/shop. Manage all of them at the same time.

Contacts (Customer & Suppliers)

Mark contact as customer or supplier or both. View details of transactions with a contact.
Our Main Features

Some of Main features that make us stand out!

Business Management

Stock Management

Service Management

SMS / Email Notification

User Management

Interactive Reporting

Pay Terms & Pay Alert

Notification Template


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